Secret Maryo Chronicles ! Game for Linux ( I love this game ! :) )

Secret Maryo Chronicles is an Open Source two-dimensional platform game with a design similar to classic computer games.  ITS MARIO !! 

Requirements Requirements
Linux or Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista

Minimum Minimum:

Processor: 500 MHz
Video Card: 64 MB OpenGL Compatible 3D Accelerated Graphics Card
RAM: 256MB
800x600 Screen Resolution
16 Bit Color Display
Keyboard + Mouse

Recommended Recommended:

Processor: 1 GHz
Video Card: 128 MB OpenGL Compatible 3D Accelerated Graphics Card
RAM: 512MB
Sound Card
1024x768 Screen Resolution
24 Bit True Color Display

System Notes Maintainer
All All : Compile the source code from Tarball BowserJr

Gentoo Gentoo : smc (includes music) Gentoo Games team
Ubuntu Ubuntu :
Debian Debian : smc Muammar El Khatib
Slackware Slackware
Phillip Warner
Fedora Fedora :
Hans de Goede
Mandriva Mandriva:
FreeBSD FreeBSD :
  • Console (as root):

    # cd /usr/ports/games/secretmaryochronicles/
    # make install clean
  • Package Manager : secretmaryochronicles
Dmitry Marakasov (AMDmi3)
PC-BSD Software
openSUSE openSUSE:
Andrea Florio
Arch Arch:
  • Package Manager : smc

Windows Microsoft Windows ( ~ 55 MB )
The Background Music is an extra download.

Mac Apple Mac ( ~ 95 MB )

    sudo apt-get install smc

    sudo apt-get install smc

    Avidemux for Linux

    Avidemux is a free video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks. It supports many file types, including AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF, using a variety of codecs. Tasks can be automated using projects, job queue and powerful scripting capabilities.
    Avidemux is available for Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows under the GNU GPL license.


    Linux, source

    see compilation instructions
    2.5.3 (tar.gz), , SourceForge ,
    MD5 : 5a688029895b66b65ca86b7c85a03ee3
    Ubuntu —
    Debian — Christian Marillat packages
    Mandriva — PLF


    2.5.3 Install,, SourceForge,
    MD5 : 85bc5e5394fe8fa65b8e5fec1ce69aa1
    2.5.3 ZIP,, SourceForge,
    MD5 : c256af9d9e41a72c9879656ad0e45e14 .
    2.5.3 SDK,, SourceForge,
    MD5 : a4c844944f161fdd1ed4138edf9075e0 .
    Most versions and svn builds Hosted by Gruntster
    Most versions and svn builds Hosted by Lord Mulder

    Mac OS X

    The following ones are universal binaries, courtesy of surfer
    2.5.3 QT4 , SourceForge.
    MD5 : 77d67fb0b9c81a3b3d55b90501938c6b


    PBI are available at PBIDIR

    sudo apt-get install avidemux

    sudo apt-get install avidemux

    Gnome Phone Manager

    A GNOME program to send and receive SMS messages through your computer via a cell phone.



    yum -y install gnome-phone-manager


    apt-get install gnome-phone-manager


    apt-get install gnome-phone-manager

    Gnokii for Linux

    Gnokii is a suite of programs for communicating with mobile phones. It was initially only available for Nokia mobile phones, but later extended to support others. It is available for Linux, BSD unix, Windows and Mac OS X and as source code.

    gnokii features

    gnokii allows you to communicate with the phone over the serial cable connection, usb connection (support depends mostly on the operating system level support), infrared connection and bluetooth connection.
    gnokii provides many functionality of different areas for user to manipulate mobile phone.



    You can send SMS, receive them and save them in the phone. gnokii supports delivery reports, picture messages (Nokia own protocol), concatenated messages, wap pushes, unicode messsages. gnokii allows you to send and receive logos and ringtones over SMS.



    gnokii offers you possibility to read and write phonebook. Phonebook entries can be displayed in human readable form or can be exported to comma separated output, vCard version 3.0 format or ldif format. You can import data from the same formats. Please note, that supported phonebook entries depend on the phone features and therefore may not be all imported.



    gnokii supports either calendar or todo lists. gnokii is capable to export calendar to iCal files and import them from the same format. Most calendar features like different types of events, recurrence, start and end times are supported.


    Call management

    You can initiate and answer calls with gnokii.



    Among other gnokii capabilities you'll find security options like entering PIN, ringtone and logo handling and many many other.

    Screenshots of gnocky

    Phone properties window Phonebook window
    SMS list window Logos window
    Here are some screenshots from xgnokii courtesy of Jan Derfinak
    The gnokii monitor window processing an incoming SMS The options window showing caller groups being edited
    Collection of three windows showing SMS options and the like Netmonitor window
    Remote keypad operation Retrieving phonebook entries from phone
    Sending DTMF Another collection of windows - this time sending an SMS
    Main SMS window showing Inbox and Outbox Main Contacts/Phonebook page


    sudo apt-get install xgnokii

    sudo apt-get install xgnokii