Audacity is a free audio editor for recording, slicing, and mixing audio.


Select your operating system to download the latest version of the free Audacity sound editor.

Mac Mac OS X
1.2.5 (Intel) or 1.2.6 (PPC)

Linux Linux/Unix
1.2.6 (in source code)

1.3 Series (Beta)

Latest versions:

Windows Windows  1.3.12
best version for Windows 7 and Vista

Mac Mac OS X
1.3.12 (Universal Binary)
best version for OS X 10.6

Linux Linux/Unix 


Installation packages for Audacity on GNU/Linux and other Unix-like systems are provided by individual distributions. However the Beta version has not yet been packaged for very many distributions. The following distributions are known to have Beta packages:


sudo apt-get install audacity


sudo apt-get install audacity

Arista Transcoder for Linux

Arista Transcoder: convert to DVD, computer, laptop, iPod, phone, game. The easiest way to convert your media.

Download : arista-0.9.5

sudo apt-get install arista

sudo apt-get install arista 


  • MP4
  • WebM
  • Matroska
  • AVI
  • Ogg
  • FLV


  • H.264
  • VP8
  • MPEG4 / DivX
  • MPEG2
  • Theora
  • Flash Video


  • AAC
  • Vorbis
  • MP3
  • FLAC
  • Speex
  • WAV


  • Android
  • Computer
  • DVD
  • iPhone / iPod / iPad
  • Nokia N Series
  • Web

WinFF Video Converter

WinFF is a free Video Converter.
Convert your videos quickly, easily, and all at once with WinFF and FFmpeg.


MS Windows 95,98,NT,2000,XP,Vista,7

MS Windows Installer 1.2 (Latest Version)
Previous Versions

Presets for Newer FFmpeg Revisions

Presets for FFMpeg SVN r13712 (libavcodec51)
Presets for FFmpeg SVN r15824 (libavcodec52)
For installation please see: How to install a newer preset file

VLC Media player for Linux

VLC is a powerful media player, playing most of the media codecs and video..



Select your operating system to download VLC binaries:


# apt-get update
# apt-get install vlc 

# sudo apt-get update
# sudo apt-get install vlc  

Source and other operating systems

For the other operating systems supported, there are no precompiled binaries. You will have to get the source code for VLC and its required libraries and build them yourself:

Gnash SWF movie player

Gnash is the GNU SWF movie player, which can be run standalone on a computer or an embedded device, as well as a plugin for several browsers. ...

Downloading Gnash

Gnash source releases (HTTP, FTP) can be found in the subdirectory /pub/gnu/gnash on your favourite GNU mirror.

sudo apt-get install gnash


sudo apt-get install gnash

Gnome Music Player for Linux

Gnome Music Player is a Music Player. It is released under the GNU General Public License and is free software.
It is designed to be lightweight and easy to use, while providing full access to all of MPD's features. Users are presented with several different methods to browse through their music.


sudo apt-get install mpd


sudo apt-get install mpd

Gnome Mplayer for Linux

The power of MPlayer combined with a friendly interface for your desktop; You can play all your multimedia (audio, video, CD, DVDs, and VCDs, streams etc.), organize, sort and create playlists, take screenshots while playing videos, be notified about media changes. Full DVD and MKV chapter support, when supported by Mplayer. Subtitle support with the ability to specify preferred audio and subtitle languages if the media supports it. Support for cover art retrieval from for audio media files with artist and/or album information contained in the file.

The player can be used to play media on websites from your browser when used with Gecko Mediaplayer and is the modern replacement for the mplayerplug-in application.


sudo apt-get install gnome-mplayer


sudo apt-get install gnome-mplayer

gnome-mplayer- gnome-mplayer   Featured

Gimmix for Linux (Audio player)

Gimmix is a graphical music player daemon (MPD) client written in C using GTK+2. It's very simple and easy to use, yet offers many features to make your audio experience a pleasant one.

Source Code
Latest version : gimmix-
Old Releases : Click here

Before installing, make sure your system meets the following requirements.
  • gtk+ >= 2.8
  • libglade >= 2.6
  • libmpd >= 0.17.0
  • taglib >= 1.4 (C bindings)
For lyrics and/or cover-art plugin(s), you will also need the following packages:
  • libnxml
  • libcurl
Pre-compiled Binaries
Gimmix packages are also available for the following linux distributions:
Distribution Maintainer Download
Arch Linux Allan McRae
Debian Linux Vincent Legout
Fedora Linux Andreas Bierfert
Frugalware Linux Priyank Gosalia
Gentoo Linux Christoph Mende
Pardus Linux Eren Turkay
Slackware Andrea Sciucca
FreeBSD Matthieu Guegan
Fink Jack Fink
Zenwalk Linux Zenwalk

Development Version
You can also obtain the latest development version of gimmix from the Subversion repository. The development version is not guaranteed to work correctly and if something is broken, don't complain about it. Here's how to check out gimmix from Subversion.
$ svn co svn:// gimmix 

Debian / Ubuntu
sudo apt-get install gimmix

Banshee for Linux (Media player)

Banshee, Play your music and videos. Stay entertained and up to date with podcasts and video podcasts. Sync your Android, iPod, and other devices. We think you'll love the new Banshee!

1. Select a Distribution

Banshee is packaged for many Linux distributions, and is even the default media player for several. Here you can learn how to install or update Banshee for your distribution.
openSUSE Logo


openSUSE 11.3 openSUSE 11.2
1-Click Install for openSUSE 11.3 1-Click Install for openSUSE 11.2
While Banshee 1.6.1 is included by default, subscribing to the Banshee repository will provide automatic major release updates.
Banshee 1.5.1 is included by default. Subscribing to the Banshee repository is recommended to receive automatic major release updates.

For other SUSE distributions:

Ubuntu Logo


  • Banshee is available from the official Ubuntu repositories; click here to install it. Ubuntu has a policy of not updating the version of a shipped application, so the version available might be old.
  • To keep up to date with the latest version, add the Banshee Team PPA repository.
Foresight Logo


  • Banshee 1.0 is the default media player on Foresight Linux 2.0.
  • Install or update banshee from PackageKit, or in a terminal type, sudo conary update banshee
Fedora Logo


  • Install via yum: yum install banshee
Debian Logo


  • Unstable / Lenny: apt-get install banshee
Mandriva Logo


  • Spring 2008 (latest stable release): Enable the /contrib/backports repository and install the banshee-1 package
  • The banshee package provides the legacy 0.13.x series Banshee
  • Details on enabling /contrib/backports
Mac OS X Logo

Mac OS X

This release is a beta-quality technology preview with no device (iPod etc) support, CD support, or video support. We encourage you to test and report issues. Banshee for OS X is not yet as complete or as stable as our Linux releases.
Banshee for OS X runs on Intel 10.5 and newer. 10.4 and older and the PowerPC architecture are not supported.

2. Install on Ubuntu

  • Banshee is available from the official Ubuntu repositories; click here to install it. Ubuntu has a policy of not updating the version of a shipped application, so the version available might be old.
  • To keep up to date with the latest version, add the Banshee Team PPA repository.

Source Releases

Beta Releases

Snapshot/Alpha Releases

Development Version

See getting the development version for more information.