Begin Linux 2

Lesson 2
Linux Filesystem Hierarchy

As in Windows, Linux does not have a C:\Windows directory or a C:\ drive! :O

The C:\ drive equivalent in Linux is "/" (forward slash), It is called the root directory.By "C:\ drive equivalent" I mean that system or as you know in windows, the system files are stored in "/" of Linux.

 Bin Directory
Open WINDOWS/System32/ in a Windows installed computer and you'd see a mass of exe files!. Same in here; the bin/ contains system binary files that are necessary for Linux.
In Linux bin directory is the equivalent for System32 directory in Windows.

Boot Directory
If you know how to go around in Windows, you'd have heard about a file named "AUTOEXEC.BAT"
Which is a file that is used by Windows Operating System in the boot process.And any dos command added to this file will get executed in the boot process.
Example: adding echo Hello! will show up a Hello! message when you start the computer.
Yes, you can also use it for destruction, if you're a lamer enough. The method was used in making the FIRST computer virus of the world. :)

Anyway; back to the point, Boot directory contains files that are necessary for the boot process of a Linux system.

Dev Directory
Don't get to this now, lets talk about it later.

Etc Directory
This is the most interesting directory in Linux for hackers. Because this directory contains a file with user names and encrypted passwords of the users in the computer.

The etc directory contains system configuration files of all kinds.

Home Directory
This directory contains equivalents of "My Documents" in Windows separated in to user named folders.
Example: If your user name in Linux is Mike, It contains all Documents, Music, Videos of Mike in the home directory.

Mnt Directory
All devices, hard drives, thumb drives are mounted here as a folder before it can be used. This is a automatic process.
So mnt directory contains mounted devices.

Lib Directory
lib directory contains equivalents of DLL files in Windows.

Tmp Directory
tmp directory contains temporary files.
Proc Directory
Contains real-time kernel processors in text files. Don't think about this now.

Lesson 3 
Linux Terminal

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